Exhibitors’ FAQs

What is the typical daily attendance?

Historically, attendance is approximately 2,000-3,000 throughout the weekend.

Can I sell items?

Yes, you can sell directly at the event.

What do you provide vendors?

We provide one 8-foot table, a table cloth and two chairs per booth space purchased

What are the hours of the Expo?

Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

When can I set up for the Expo?

We are open 9am-6pm the Friday before the expo for the exhibitor booth set up.

Do you provide electricity?

You may purchase electrical and wi-fi access for an additional fee

Must I bring my own table and/or tablecloth?

Yes, you are welcome to bring any of your own items and are not required to use what we provide

Still have questions about being a vendor at an expo?