The Top 6 Secrets You Need to Know Before Buying Solar

 1. Your Savings With Solar Are Changing

 The current program, NEM 2.0, allows Central Coast solar owners to sell excess energy back to PG&E. That extra energy is then used to offset your total electric bill, saving you money. If you don’t own a solar energy system yet, you should secure your install sooner, rather than later!

 2. Your Home Value Can Increase

 Installing solar panels can significantly increase your home’s market value. The average increase of resale value for a home with a solar energy system equals $4,020 for each 1kW of panels installed. In California, a 3.1 kW solar panel energy system has the potential of adding an average of $12,462 over the price of comparative homes in a middle-class neighborhood.

 3. Battery Updates And How They Affect You

 Backup batteries can store excess solar power so you can use it when your system isn’t producing energy. While Tesla Powerwall shipments are delayed due to semiconductor shortages, A.M. Sun Solar is working to ensure new and retrofit solar customers have access to other backup battery options. Learn more about Enphase storage by connecting with us today!

 4. You Have Plenty Of Financing Options

 Whether you’re buying your solar energy system with cash, through a loan, a Solar Energy PPA/Lease, or through a PACE Loan, our financing options are very flexible. We strive for creative financing solutions that make sense for you, so you can start saving money right away.

 5. The Solar Tax Credit Has Been Extended!

 If you’re in the market for getting solar, you’ve most likely heard about the federal tax credit, otherwise known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This tax credit grants homeowners and businesses a tax deduction equal to 26% of the total cost of a solar energy system through the end of 2023. 

 6. You Can Estimate Your Solar Savings

 With A.M. Sun Solar, you can estimate your solar savings in seconds. We use satellite technology to analyze your roof and also get to understand what your current energy bill looks like. To estimate the amount of money you could be saving with solar, scan the QR code below! 

Your Local Solar Experts

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