How to Transform Your Outdoor Space

by New Era Landscape, Inc

So you’re ready to transform your outdoor space, but you don’t quite know where to start. Beginning the transformation process can feel like a whirlwind of decisions. Between picking out patio furniture, deciding on whether to go with organic lines or hard edges, finding stone to compliment the color of your house, and debating if you want a garden or not, it can get overwhelming…and fast! 

Overwhelm is easiest to avoid when you’ve got a plan of action. Here are three essential steps to beginning the transformation of your outdoor space.

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 1. Work with what you’ve got. 

The first step to transforming your outdoor space is to assess what you already have and identify ways you can use the existing elements to create the space of your dreams! Maybe you love spending time with friends and family sipping wine and enjoying meals on your patio, but after years of late nights and spilled reds, your furniture is looking (and feeling) drab, dingy, and outdated. Simply upgrading your furniture to something more modern preserves the purpose of your space and instantly renews it. Add in an outdoor cooler and say hello to Wine Down Wednesdays once more! Upgrading existing elements, expanding usable space, and sticking with a consistent look and feel will make your yard feel like new in no time. 

2. Make your space more private.

Creating privacy is an essential part of transforming any space. Whatever the function of your yard, be it an entertainment hub for loved ones, a play space for the kids, or a zen garden oasis, it’s hard to make your space feel like your own when nosy neighbors are around. Your outdoor space should feel less like a stage and more like an extension of the comforts of your home. Adding tall shrubbery or trees to your fence line will simultaneously give you the privacy you need and transform your yard into a more cohesive space. Evergreens like Hemlock, Spruce, and Aborvitae are great options for enhancing the look and feel of your yard. If you’re worried about your late night conversations carrying over into your neighbor’s living room, try adding a water feature. The babbling, calming sounds of an elegant fountain or colorful koi pond will help diffuse noise and keep voices from carrying. 

 3. Use elements that add to the ideal feel of your space.

Transforming your outdoor space involves a lot of changing the look of your yard, and naturally, any landscaping or design choices you make will also change the feel of your space. It’s important to keep this in mind and make those decisions mindfully to ensure your dream space always feels like just that – your dream space. Late night patio talks are perfectly complemented by romantic overhead string lights. Games like corn hole or garden-sized Jenga are essential for family fundays. Bringing the indoors outdoors and adding kitchen elements, grills, or even a woodfired pizza oven turn your yard into a foodie haven, begging to entertain. In the end, your yard should look and feel exactly how you envisioned it and any elements you add should serve the function of your space. 

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