Why does your water taste bad?


Have you been wondering why the water you’re drinking has been tasting bad lately? You’re not alone! Many people on the Central Coast of California complain of water that tastes musty and dirty.

It turns out, the offending compound is known as 2-methylisoborneol (MIB). It is a byproduct of blue-green algae and the decay of organic matter in surface waters. Warmer than usual water temperatures, possibly due in part to the prolonged drought, has contributed to higher than usual levels. There are currently no regulations for MIB as it has not been associated with any health effects. While unpleasant, it is fine to drink.

Throughout the year, as we get more rain and surface water temperatures cool, the taste of your water may continue to change. The taste of the MIB will subside, but other flavors may appear. Total dissolved solids (TDS) affect your water’s taste. Metals such as iron, copper, manganese, or zinc can cause a metallic taste. Fluoride may cause a distinct bad water taste. With this in mind, researching how to remove fluoride from water might be of interest to you. Furthermore, chlorine and chloramines will often give water a “bleachy” smell.

Carbon filters, like the ones in your refrigerator or Britta pitcher, are commonly used to combat these bad tastes. However, carbon does not do it all. To ensure you have great tasting, high-quality drinking water use a point of use drinking water system.

We recommend using Culligan’s Drinking Water Systems. They are designed to reduce contaminants in your drinking water and restore the taste and quality of your water. A Culligan Reverse Osmosis unit gives you exceptional quality water straight from the tap, or if you prefer, a Bottle-Free Water Cooler. Culligan also offers Bottled Water Delivery. Take a look at more water filtration products in reviews and articles over at

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