The Chameleon Style Design Method

Guest Author Camay Arad of Chameleon Style

If the thought of remodeling or decorating is overwhelming you are not alone.  In addition to anticipated budget concerns, our minds race with thoughts of where to start:  flooring, painting, cabinetry?  Do we hire a designer or attempt do it yourself projects?  How to integrate furniture pieces that aren’t quite right with the new design.

At Chameleon we have a simple answer to the age old decorating question of “How to get from where you are now to where you want to be”…Fabric First!

Jessica-Midsize-Gossan-StripeThis may sound backwards if you’re planning a kitchen with little or no fabric involved.  The reason why fabric is such a great first step in the decorating process is because it communicates everything you desire in one fell swoop.  It is often called an inspiration fabric from which you can develop your color palette for the entire house or project.

The important criteria for the inspiration fabric is that it contains at least 3 colors, be something you love and to not try and decide where it will be used in the project.  This is the most challenging part as most people focus on the project itself (where you are now) instead of the big picture (where you want to go!)

Our special Chameleon StyleR Design Method offers a delightful twist to the decorating process in that your spouse, partner or alter ego can also choose his or her own inspiration fabric.  A color in common to the two fabrics (“Bridge ColorTM”) is then identified using the many fabric sources available.  The Bridge Color TM is then used in places that are not easily changeable or expensive to change such as upholstery or window treatments.

Fabric-Poll-2-380x259The Bridge ColorTM in lighter or darker hues is also the guideline for flooring, counter tops and paint color selection.  In the finished project the original inspiration fabric might not even be used at all or perhaps appears only as an accent pillow or table runner.  The beauty of the Chameleon StyleR Design Method is that when you want to change up your décor, it is easy and far less expensive to change a pillow than to consider reupholstering a couch.

You will feel better and be happier if you are always surrounded by the people and things you love.  Color plays a big role in that equation.  To employ the Chameleon StyleR technique does not mean starting over.  We just need to find out where you would really like to be and create the path to that vision.


Camay-and-FabricsWe are excited to have Camay and Chameleon Style at the Inspired Home, Garden, & Gourmet Expo of Paso Robles! Stop by and talk to her, face-to-face, for some of the best design tips you can get on the Central Coast!


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