Store your KeTu screens during the winter

One of the benefits of living in California is the mild winters. But one of the practices we don’t take part in that are common on the East Coast is storing window and door screens during harsh conditions.

Homeowners on the Central Coast have screens that must weather the seasons year round, subjecting them to heat, cold, dirt, wind, etc. Over time typical screens fade, stretch, tear and get covered in dirt.

While typical window screens are easy to remove, screen doors are not so easy. But the KeTu Screen Door is designed with convenience in mind. Not only is it easy to install, but simple to unclip from its frame to clean and store during weather conditions that would create wear and tear.

Not A Typical Retractable Screen

The KeTu Screen has a unique design. There is no mechanism to tangle or spring to fail. These custom screens operate with little effort. The pleated window and door screens disappear into the frame when fully open and stay closed with a magnet in the handle.

The KeTu is also wheel chair accessible with a flat bottom rail that enables passage with no difficulties.

Additionally, its unique design and easy installation makes the KeTu Screen is ideal for French doors. For more information about KeTu Screens, check out their website at, or call them in Cambria at (805) 927-7659.

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