Should you consider solar energy for your home?


Solar energy is more popular than ever right now! According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, a new solar project was installed every 2 minutes in America during the year of 2015. Solar energy is projected to get even more popular this year!

Have you considered the benefits solar energy can provide to you and your family? Here are just a few benefits solar energy provides:

  • It can lower your electric bill.
  • It can increase your home value.
  • It is a sustainable and renewable resource. It’s great for the environment!
  • You may qualify for a tax break, depending on your zip code.
  • You don’t have to deal with rising fossil fuel-based electricity costs.

Ready to add solar energy to your home in the Monterey area? Contact Noble Pride Roofing for a solar energy estimate today! Visit their website,, or call them at 831-384-3131.

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