REM Sleep Solutions: Deep sleep is in their name 

Deep sleep is the new 5K run of our society.

Increasingly, quality of sleep is being discussed as the new measure of health, productivity, and happiness. Study after study is cited in articles that promote the benefits and caution against the ill effects poor sleep habits have on our bodies.

And not just any sleep will do. Our bodies need deep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM plays a crucial role in physical health. During REM blood flow decreases to the brain and redirects itself towards the muscles, allowing the body and mind to rest and recover.

rem2The more REM sleep you get, the more likely you will wake feeling refreshed and ready for peak performance during the day.

It’s no coincidence that REM Sleep Solutions focuses the craftsmanship of their mattresses at helping customers reach and maintain deep REM sleep. Designed to reduce tossing and turning, REM Sleep Solution mattresses are engineered to maximize the time spent in the REM sleep stage.

Body position during sleep is a major factor in your ability to sleep well, not to mention how you feel when you awaken. Using visco elastic material, REM mattresses coolly conform to your body and distribute your weight.

REM mattresses are engineered to reduce:

  • Body aches
  • Snoring
  • Arthritic joints
  • Edema and circulatory problems
  • And even acid reflux

With as much time as we should be sleeping to maintain optimal health, every person deserves the most comfortable mattress available to make the most out of their REM time. You can learn more about REM Sleep Solutions online at


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