Playroom Storage Ideas to Help Hide Clutter


Having an Organized Home With Kids is Easier than it Sounds

Now that the kids have been home for more weeks than you can count, it’s time to take back the house with some storage tips to hide clutter in your playroom! No matter what room you use for playtime, having toys littering the floor can be a cause of stress for any family. With these organization ideas, you can successfully have an organized home that is also great for playing! These creative tips will simplify the task of cleaning up and keep the toys organized when playtime is over.  


A Nook for Books

Creating a place specifically for books and reading is a simple way to make a room look more organized and is a natural way to decorate a room. To minimize clutter try adding floating bookshelves or a book bin! These allow kids to still see and access books easily while also creating an organized look that is inviting and creative.






Peg Wall Catchall 

Not sure what to do with items that don’t seem to have an allotted home? Try creating a peg wall to hold all of those random toys you don’t know where to put other than on the floor. This type of home storage is great to add more vertical storage to a room which will make it feel less cluttered and more approachable.






Jar Storage

If you have a lot of tiny items lying around try putting them in jars. To elevate this look you can organize items by color or type of toy. We love putting craft items together like playdough, paintbrushes, and other miscellaneous items that can be lost easily.






Craft Caddy

The craft table is a common area that can become messy quickly! Make room on your table by making a craft caddy. This can be easily moved and stored when you need to use the table for other activities or left on the table to bring youthfulness to the room. 







Lego Toy Storage 

A great room organizer idea to solve the ever frustrating task of organizing Legos is to store them in an under bed storage cart or in color-coordinated jars or bins. Adding an under bed storage cart is perfect to maintain accessibility while still making clean up simple. Either of these options help make the overwhelming clutter disappear almost on its own.






Wardrobe Storage

Instead of having all of your kids dress-up clothes balled up on the floor try renovating a simple bookcase into a wardrobe to hold everything from princess dresses to space cowboy clothes. Start by taking out the shelves from a bookcase and then add in a dowel to hold the clothes. You can add a personal touch by adding fun paint colors, contact paper, and even your kid’s name! 






Seating With Storage

Rather than just having single-use seating try adding benches and ottomans with removable cushion tops to add secret storage that not only looks great but is practical as well!








Between taking care of the kids and finding ways to keep them busy, home projects like these can be a bit time-consuming. That’s why we recommend reaching out to your nearest local home improvement expert so you can get the materials you need, or even have someone complete the job for you! For more information, check out our list of home & garden professionals at or giving us a call at (805) 772-4600.



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