How to See if Your Home Qualifies for Solar

Solar energy — it’s clean, gives you more bang for your buck and can even increase the value on your property. But each home, business and agricultural structure is different. Even roofs vary in size, material and quality. So the real question is: will your property even qualify for going solar? The short answer is yes! But for each unique property has a unique set of solutions.

The best way to discover the beauty of going solar is to connect with an A.M. Sun Solar consultant (pro tip: their energy rate analysis is free!). A solar professional will analyze your unique set of needs and ask about the following:

What’s your current energy bill?

For most property owners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. That’s where solar comes in. By saying goodbye to utility energy and saying hello to solar energy, our customers are committing to an investment that will bring them the best value. A.M. Sun Solar’s average system cost is around $15,000 to $25,000 – which is a large initial purchase for most people. But they want their customers to have a cost-effective solution. They want you to save money the right way. That’s why comparing your current energy bill to how much money you’ll save by going solar is a great option. Connect with a consultant to figure out your unique financial benefits and options!

What’s your roof like?

To get a good idea of how many solar panels your property needs, it’s good to know the details of your roof. Here’s a bonus: with A.M. Sun Solar, there are no limits. Whether it be metal, composite, flat roof, or even Spanish tile, they can help you figure out what system works best for you. But before figuring out a customized solution for your solar needs, it helps to know the following:

  1. Roof size, pitch and direction: Depending on your needs, it’s helpful to know the details on the size, pitch and direction of your roof. It helps us figure out different solutions such as whether you need a ground mounted or raised mount system.
  2. Roof materials, stability and strength: Be sure there’s plenty of life left on your roof before installing solar panels – it’s expensive to remove panels to have your roof replaced! However, here’s just one of the many benefits by installing panels: it can extend the life of your roof because it shields it from harmful elements and UV rays!
  3. Roof obstructions: Satellites. Pipes. Chimney. Have anything installed on your roof? This might impact where solar panels can be placed.
  4. Roof condition, age and care: If your roof is in a bad condition, it’s not going to be able to support the weight of the panels. On top of this, if your roof is very old then it’ll likely need replacing soon so there wouldn’t be any point adding panels. If you would like to find out more about the condition of it to see if any changes need to be made, contact your local Roofers in Rhode Island.

How much sun exposure does your property receive?

Ideally, you want to make sure your roof gets at least 4 hours of peak sunlight[1], which occur when the sun is the highest in the sky. To get a general idea on whether your property is a good candidate for a solar system, a neat tool you can use is Google’s Project Sunroof, a solar panel sustainability checker. But as I mentioned earlier, each property is different. This means tree shading, roof direction are all factors in determining efficient sun exposure!

What are your local regulations?

Checking in with your neighborhood’s regulations is key when preparing for going solar. If you’re renting a property, it’s ultimately the property owner’s responsibility for solar contracts and installations. Also, if you live in a community with homeowners association (HOA), it’s important you review their rules regarding roof installations. The best part about all of this is that A.M Sun Solar experts handle everything with your HOA. From paperwork, to contracts, to regulation discussions, they take care of it. No worries on your end.

A solar consultation with one of our experts is the best way to determine your benefits in going solar. It’s free, informative and convenient! But now that you’ve gotten the inside scoop, maybe you’re still on the fence about whether going solar is ideal for you – which is okay! There’s many other factors to consider to see if your property will benefit from this investment. Other items to consider are the solar tax benefits and any other incentives available in your area.

Going solar is long-term commitment. We get it. That’s why something this big and important should be handled with A.M. Sun Solar experts. Get connected today at (805) 457-3900 or getting started with a free solar proposal! They’d love to discuss your individual needs.

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