Get better, pain-free sleep with a REM Sleep Solutions bed

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the impacts of pain-related sleep loss on millions of Americans are far-reaching. As many as 21 percent of Americans experience chronic pain and 36 percent have had acute pain in the past week. For more information on people sleeping, perhaps take a browse through some of these Sleep Statistics or find other sources online. Those percentages stated before are combining to make the majority of the nation’s adult population, 57 percent, leaving 43 percent who report being pain-free. Those whose pain has reached a point where they can no longer leave it unaddressed may want to get started with looking for experienced physiotherapists or places to receive massage therapy.

Pain joins two related concerns – stress and poor health – as key correlates of shorter sleep durations and worse sleep quality. But there are paths to resolving the problem: The sleep gap narrows sharply among those who make sleep a priority.

Pain is a factor in the gap between the amount of sleep Americans say they need and the amount they’re getting – an average 42 minute sleep debt for those with chronic pain and 14 minutes for those who’ve suffered from acute pain in the past week. It can be hard for anyone to get their much-needed rest, especially when they find themselves in a lot of pain. As well as considering using REM Sleep Solutions beds, some people are also accompanying this with some CBD Oil, (you can check out more here) to ensure that they receive the best night’s sleep possible. It will also help relieve any acute or chronic pain that they are suffering from.


By contrast, there’s no overall sleep debt for those without pain – but significant numbers even in this group do have sleep problems. About one in three of those with no pain don’t always or often get a good night’s sleep or the sleep they need to feel their best, or have had trouble falling or staying asleep in the past week. Those problems rise even higher among individuals who do have chronic or acute pain.

REM Sleep Solutions beds are designed to alleviate pain and encourage deeper, more restful sleep. Better sleep leads to better health. Read more about their products at

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