Furnace Emergency: When You Should Call a Professional

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Furnace emergencies can and will happen, especially if your furnace hasn’t had consistent maintenance checks. Although furnaces are usually the last things we worry about in our homes, it’s important to make sure it’s in running order for those colder Winter months. With DIY remedies and temporary fixes, some problems may be beyond your control. 

Do you know when to get a professional involved? The team at Wighton’s has created a checklist so you can determine if calling a furnace expert is right for you:


  • The smell of gas is obvious

A gas leak is something that needs immediate, professional attention. If the smell of gas is obvious, turn off your furnace system and call an emergency team right



  • You start hearing irregular noises 

Start to hear knocking or other strange noises coming from your furnace? This may mean that your system is on the verge of failure.


  • The airflow is irregular

Steady, continuous blowing of air means your furnace is working properly. If your blower begins to cut out before reaching a desired temperature, this is a sign that you’ll need to contact a furnace repair expert before your entire system fails. 


  • You notice a heating system leak

If you’re concerned about a leak, the first thing you should do is identify the source. If the leak isn’t coming from your overflow pan, you might have a clog elsewhere in the system. Small issues like this may cause your entire system to shut down. But, not to worry — this might just mean that the system needs to be cleared out. 

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