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Updated March 11th, 2020: As I am sure you are aware, the challenges around the Coronavirus are real and the risk of largely held events is in a place of uncertainty at the moment.

Due to a large number of our attendees being in the category that the California Department of Public Health considers high risk, and the latest update from the California Department of Public Health, the Inspired Health and Wellness Expo organizers have researched extensively and have chosen not to cancel this nonessential event, but instead are taking responsibility to postpone the event, knowing that the health and wellness of our community is the number one priority.

It is unfair to the exhibitors and attendees to move forward with an event knowing that at least one third to one-half of our attendees are people that fall into a COVID-19s’ high-risk demographic due to age, medical condition or compromised immune systems and these attendees are being recommended to stay away from large events.

Although San Luis Obispo County does not currently have confirmed cases of COVID-19, we have vendors and attendees that travel to and from areas of California that have confirmed cases of COVID-19 and have received a number of concerns from potential attendees and exhibitors.

We believe it is important to be cautious because this is considered a “non-essential” event as described by the state of California and believe we are being proactive by postponing the event at this time.

As soon as we have a new date for the 2020 Health and Wellness Expo we will notify you and proceed with the event!

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