Maximize Your Exposure

Trade shows are a great way to meet new people who may be interested in your products or services, but they are also great for networking with other businesses in your industry too. Not only could you generate some new leads or find some new clients at a trade show, but you can learn about industry trends and discover new ways of marketing too, enhancing your marketing strategy and keeping you competitive in your field. When setting up a booth at a trade show, it is important to show off your business appropriately but also showing it in all its glory too! Your booth should look attractive and inspiring but not complicated or overwhelming that it may put people off. Of course, you want to draw people in, not deter them from coming to talk to you. By being at a trade show, you’ll also be able to see any competition that you may have and see what they’re doing differently and if it’s being successful. Taking note of how they run their booth will show you from an audience reaction, how they are perceived. Are they selling stuff like custom jackets? Are they giving away gift bags? Be vigilant. For whatever reason you choose to attend a trade show, it’ll be a good choice to go.

Simply Clear Marketing Trade Shows offer excellent opportunities to market your business in a more extensive way by purchasing a marketing package. Through our marketing packages you ensure that your name has extra exposure at our event and beyond the event. We can also custom tailor the packages to meet the needs of each exhibitor. The packages include various levels of guaranteed media, signage rights, front door rights, as well as lead generation. Please contact us to explore your marketing possibilities.

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