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Furnace Emergency: When You Should Call a Professional

Presented by Wighton’s, Inc. Furnace emergencies can and will happen, especially if your furnace hasn’t had consistent maintenance checks. Although furnaces are usually the last things we worry about in our homes, it’s important to make sure it’s in running order for those colder Winter months. With DIY remedies and temporary fixes, some problems may […]

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Why You Need a Carbon Monoxide Test

Download the Why Demand CO Test PDF Carbon Monoxide is the #1 cause of poisonings in the U.S. Yet less than 5% of all CO Poisonings are reported! The safe and efficient operation of your heating equipment and other combustion appliances cannot be determined without testing using a calibrated combustion analyzer. Because the technology, instruments […]

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Wighton’s technicians complete annual certification seminar

Every year Wighton’s invites the National Comfort Institute to conduct a Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Combustion Efficiency Seminar at our in-house laboratory. Each field technician practices skills learned during the 3-day certification seminar at our in-house laboratory.  It’s one thing to learn and another to apply the knowledge you learn; we learn by doing. Why […]

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What You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner

Get your AC unit the attention it needs (without suffering through the heat)… Central Coast The new buzz word is Green; Green buildings, Green products, Green lifestyles, and Greener environments. Even the Federal Government is offering every homeowner in the United States a $1,500 tax credit if you replace your old, inefficient air conditioning (AC) […]

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