4 Countertop Trends to Follow in 2020

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Countertops can be the anchor of your kitchen or bathroom. They are one of the first things you and your guests will notice when entering the room so it is important they make the statement you want. Countertops are more than just something pretty to look at; their durability is vital to maintain a polish look. From spills to scratches, countertop

s endure a lot of everyday wear and tear so you want to pick the material that will keep up with your lifestyle. 

We have gathered the best countertop trends we are seeing in 2020 to help you gather inspiration for your own home. From new trends that are making bold statements to consistent trends that have been thriving for years, here are countertop trends of 2020. 

Honed Finish

A honed surface is when the stone is ground down to a smooth, flat surface creating a lighter-colored matte surface. This style is not as glossy as a normal slab you would usually see in the kitchen. This finish gives more of a natural feel to the space than a polished finish does. It’s a great option for hiding fingerprints and water spots which is a plus for families. Scratches are less regular which is a plus for a busy kitchen. 

Dark Stones

Add drama to your kitchen or bathroom with a dark stone. Contrasting the sink, dishes, and other features in the space will emphasize this modern style. Working with such a dramatic piece may feel nerve-racking, but there are plenty of stunning themes you can create with dark stones. There is a plethora of dark marble, granite, and quartz to make your space unique to your taste. 


Add a statement with the pattern of your stone. The long, meandering lines in a stone is referred to as veining. Veining in a stone can range from a subtle pattern to a dramatic masterpiece with many colors. Any style you choose will instantly add beauty and character to your kitchen or bath. Whether you prefer a polished finish or honed, veining looks great with both!


Quartz has been top of mind when it comes to countertops for years and we don’t see it going anywhere any time soon! This stone is one of the most popular choices for countertops due to the endless color choices and non-porous characteristics that prevents staining and the need for consistent sealing. It’s one of the heartiest stones withstanding stains from oil, juice, coffee and much more, unlike granite, marble, or concrete. 


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